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  • Motion control technology is the practical science of making things move well. It supports daily life in many different fields. Nabtesco Corporation has focused on motion control technology and uses its expertise to develop products for a variety of applications. From railways, airplanes, ships, automobiles and other transportation systems to robots and automatic doors, our business has reached across the domains of industry and daily life.
  • We have also used our ingenuity to develop prosthetic components and other mobility assistance goods. Committed to ‘Using technology to fill the gap and to support users in making the most of their remaining capabilities,’ our goal is to promote mobility and independence. We want to help people overcome challenges and enable them to achieve the best possible quality of life.
  • We strive to provide people-friendly products and support.
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  • Assistive Products Department
    Accessibility Innovations Company
    Nabtesco Corporation

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    Kobe 658-0024, Japan

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  • ● ISO9001 certified. From design and production to sales and after service, our fully integrated quality assurance system ensures high reliability.