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Motion Control Technology

Nabtesco Corporation is a Japanese manufacturing industry. We have focused on Motion Control Technology and use its expertise to develop products for a variety of applications.
Assistive products department has also used our ingenuity to develop prosthetic components in order to assist people with their personal mobility.

“The world's first”

Nabtesco came out with the world’s first MPK(Microprocessor controlled Knee) in 1993.
Determined to develop artificial knee joints that enable a more natural way of walking, since then, we have continued to apply “the world’s first”.

Life Interview

Davidwith ALLUX

As an amputee, we want to do things differently, we have to modify our lifestyles but truly nice about The ALLUX is that it really accommodates me because of the features and all the functionality it has, there is not really anything I can't do anymore.


Stephaniewith ALLUX

I want to continue to show other children that were like me in my situation、that it is not the end of the world, that there is so much more and, yes, everything that they want to do, they absolutely can do. It is just slightly figuring it out a little different.


Joshuawith Symphony

Being an amputee does not change who you are, it just makes you more of who you are. So if you set your mind to it, you can do anything.


Staceywith Symphony

I lost my leg in the early ‘90s from a houseboat accident, very traumatic accident, I became an amputee at that point. I just like to be able to keep up with my boys, workout, go golfing.




The ALLUX is the world's first total phase MPK with 4-Bar linkage design to provide a realistic motion in comparison to a real knee, using a microprocessor to increase safety and convenience.


  • NEW! Improved Usability, Durability and Flexibility
  • NEW! Communication via iOS or Android smartphones
  • Total phase microprocessor control
  • 4-bar linkage design
  • Yielding function for going downstairs and slopes
  • Enhanced safety for stumble recovery


Special Website


The Symphony has an unique 6-bar polycentric structure, which provides stability in the stance phase. An original mechanical sensing mechanism, the p-MRS system automatically detects the walking status and then controls the stability accordingly.


  • The p-MRS system locks the knee geometrically
  • Stance Flexion results in absorbing shocks
  • Smooth Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Selective Lock (Option)


Hybrid knee

A highly accurate yielding function is embodied in our Intelligent Knee. To the controlled power of the hydraulic system we have added soft pneumatic control. This fusion of microprocessor-controlled technologies gives you a hybrid system that prevents unnerving buckling at the knee, and enables easier walking in greater comfort.


  • High stability (dynamic stabilization)
  • Yielding function
  • MRS system
  • Microprocessor controlled swing
  • Long battery life (approx. 2 years)

Intelligent knee

The microprocessor-controlled swing enables adjustment of the knee swing speed to match actual walking speed. In this way, each step can be properly adjusted to minimize feelings of awkwardness. This knee joint is a mature product that was the world’s first launched in 1993.


  • Microprocessor controlled swing
  • No Overcompensation
  • Lower Resistance & Lighter Swing
  • Long battery life (approx. 2 years)

Single-axis Intelligent Knee with a weight-activated brake

4-bar Intelligent Knee


Dual Connector
Slide Connector