• A highly accurate yielding function is embodied in our new Intelligent Knee. To the controlled power of the hydraulic system we have added soft pneumatic control. This fusion of microprocessor controlled technologies gives you a hybrid system that prevents unnerving buckling at the knee, and enables easier walking in greater comfort.
  • The hydraulic damper and MRS system provide a highly precise yielding function. Together they prevent knee from bending unexpectedly. They also play a role in natural stair and slope descent.
  • ▶ Yielding function
    Because hydraulic resistance supports the user’s body weight, the knee bends gradually. This helps the user to walk step-over-step down stairs or slopes.
    To prevent sudden buckling while walking, hydraulic resistance is effectively activated at the knee joint when the prosthetic heel ,makes contact with the ground. Naturally, users can walk on flat floors, but hydraulic control also enables walking over lawns and other uneven ground.
  • ▶ MRS system
    In the MRS system, along the bottom of the foot, a mechanical sensor senses where pressure occurs. The system controls yielding depending on the current location of the ground reaction force.
    Controlled by the MRS system, when the heel contacts the ground, the hydraulic system is triggered to ensure user safety. Then, when force is detected at the toe end, the hydraulic resistance is released for smooth transition to the swing phase.
    The MRS system harmonizes the characteristics of the stance and swing phases, enabling a more natural walking rhythm. Since electricity is needed only for stance phase control, instead of the daily charging that other systems require, you only have to replace the batteries every couple of years.
  • The pneumatic cylinder, coupled with microprocessor control of the swing, makes it possible to easily walk at various walking speeds.
  • ▶ Microprocessor controlled swing
    Microprocessor control works by monitoring walking speed and automatically adjusting the swing speed of the knee joint. This enables the user to freely change walking speed.
  • ▶ Pneumatic cylinder
    The benefit of pneumatic control is a soft and light motion from the time when the knee initiates the swing. This allows the residual leg to work much less. Having to swing the leg less strongly, the user performs less work and suffers less fatigue.
  • ▶ What the yielding function can do for you
    (According to activity level)

    ● For users who want to walk safely
    (K2–K3 level)
    Settings are made to give priority to prevent unwanted knee bending. Even if the knee is slightly bent, when the heel is on the ground, hydraulic resistance is applied to prevent the knee from bending.
  • ● For users who want to descend stairs
    (K3–K4 level)
    On stairs, placement of the foot is important. Place the middle of the prosthetic foot on the edge at each step. When practicing, be sure to use the handrail.
  • ▶ Note
    The Hybrid Knee assists user capabilities. Without practice, no one can smoothly manage alternating foot descent. Before use, be sure to develop proficiency through adequate practice.